Devon House Ordered Closed Following Party Violation


Effective immediately, a stop order has been placed on all activities at the world-famous Devon House in Kingston, the iconic great house operated by the government. 


As we reported earlier today, Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie, got furious after his attention was brought to a party that was held on the property on Friday, July 3, which violated all the COVID-19 orders announced by the government. 


He made it known that the promoter will be charged and now, we can confirm that the government has ordered that Devon House will officially close its doors tomorrow, Monday, July 6 and will continue as such, until the Government is satisfied that they will comply with gathering rules under the Disaster Risk Management Order.


The announcement was made at an emergency digital press conference moments ago, where McKenzie claims “Devon House has been operating outside of the protocols that have been outlined by the Government in regards to its operation.”


Mainly, he noted that “the Reggae Mill, based on information that we have gathered, has been operating for almost five weeks, every weekend, with numerous parties, with hundreds of people not observing the social distance. A video has gone viral over this weekend showing Reggae Mill at Devon House operating long after the curfew hours. It is clear that there is little appreciation for the rules that have been laid out.”


The executive team of the house and Reggae Mill’s management are to provide the government with answers, explaining why they have been violating the orders. 


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