DNA For Remains Of Skeletons Found in Hannover Are To Be Revealed


The police are awaiting the results from a DNA test to determine whether or not the skeletal remains found earlier this week in an underground cave in Phoenix Town, Hanover are those of three men who were reportedly ambushed by gunmen, awhile back.

The remains which reportedly were burnt were discovered by the police and firefighters as they searched for the men on Tuesday, May 26.

According to the police, on April 22, four men travelled to Green Island, Hanover to purchase motorcycles and surprisingly came under gunfire.
One of the four men managed to escape and turned up at the hospital with bullet wounds.

The police was informed and the man detailed the incident.

The other missing men are Juvane Anderson, otherwise called ‘Indian’, Chescott Douglas, also known as ‘Chris’ and Sean Russell all from Lucea in the parish.

The investigation is at a pause as the DNA will determine its next move.


Shannon-Dale Reid 


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