Dogs Liability of Injuries Act to Be Repealed


Justice Minister Delroy Chuck speaking at press conference yesterday


Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck, during his second quarterly press conference, said the ‘Dogs Liability of Injuries Act’ will soon be repealed.

The Minister and his team intend to put in place the ‘Dogs Liability of Owners Act’ which will ensure that dog owners keep their dogs under control.

The current law has been on the books since 1887 and provides for compensation if a person is bitten or killed in a dog attacked. However, currently, the law does not allow for criminal prosecution.

Minister Chuck said the legal reform department, has put forward proposals to the Attorney General’s Office for her review, discussions will then be had in Cabinet before proposals go before parliament.

Chuck also noted that another route being explored is to have every single dog licensed and registered with an identification number. These control methods will ensure that dog owners can be held accountable.

The Minister advised that all avenues are up for consideration and discussion. The press conference was held yesterday September 26 at the Ministry’s office in Kingston.



Shannon-Dale Reid


Photo Credit: Shannon-Dale Reid

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