Dr Kenneth Baugh Dies, Hailed As ‘True Gentleman Of Jamaican Politics’



Dr Kenneth Baugh, former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Government is dead. The medical doctor died this morning, Sunday, September 1, age seventy-eight (78) at home in Kingston.

In a tribute to Dr Baugh today, Prime Minister Andrew Holness hailed him as “a true gentleman of Jamaican Politics.”

A member of the JLP Dr Baugh served as MP for North West St James, as a senator and then as MP for East Central St Catherine, before resigning because of health issues, in 2016. Dr Baugh served for years served in the Cabinet of JLP administrations as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Minister of Health. He served the Jamaica Labour Party as General Secretary and Chairman.

Dr Baugh grew up in St James and qualified as a medical doctor at the University of the West indies. In his tribute Mr Holness said: “Anyone who knew him, whether as a patient or a constituent or even a colleague, would agree that he was a kind and caring person.”

Prime Minister Holness noted that Dr Baugh was the consummate professional and that he gave the better part of his life in service for the people he represented and his country. 

“He exemplified dignity and integrity throughout his public life. He was respected and held in high esteem by both sides of the political divide and could always be relied on to be a balanced and reasoned voice. His manner was always conciliatory and solution-oriented. He was an honest man, a sincere man, a decent man. His conduct gave him stature elevated above politics. He was a true statesman and we will miss his guidance and a steady hand. The entire nation owes him a debt of gratitude,” said Prime Minister Holness.


Franklin McKnight

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