Dr. Phillips Could Be Removed: 15 MPs Want To Talk To Him

Reports are that a total of 15 opposition MPs have requested a meeting with their leader, Dr. Peter Philips as they are concerned about the party’s future.

Upon investigation, our news team can confirm that a letter was written on Thursday, May 27 raising concerns about Dr. Phillips’s leadership and the party’s chances of winning the next General Election, constitutionally due February 2021. 

Of the 29 sitting Opposition MPs, 15 signed the letter including his 2019 presidential challenger Peter Bunting and a few others who supported him.

Today, in a letter to Bunting that is making the rounds on social media, Dr Phillips explained that due to the coronavirus restrictions he has been unable to meet the MPs but suggests this can now be done at their earliest convenience.

More on this as it unfolds.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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