Drought Hits NWC Supplies In NE


The National Water Commission (NWC) is reporting that twenty-nine (29) of its water supply systems in St. Ann, Portland and St. Mary continue to be affected by the on-going drought, despite intermittent rainfall in some areas.


Some sections of St Ann and St Mary received significant rain Monday and Tuesday, ahead of the news release by the NWC, giving details about the effect of drought on some of its systems in the North Eastern parishes.


The NWC said thirteen (13) systems in St. Ann recorded declining levels and are operating between nine and 50 percent, with both the Dawson Town and Content Pump Stations taken out of service due to the unavailability of inflows.  While Portland and St. Mary recorded nine (9) and seven (7) systems respectively being affected, with the Derry Hazzard, Fellowship Hall and Hunts Town facilities at 0%.


With some sources having completely dried up, it has proved challenging for the water supply company to effectively service its customers in these parishes.   


The NWC has indicated that already several mitigation measures have been implemented, these include supply regulation, pressure management, storage building and trucking.  However, the public is being advised to brace for further disruptions in their service.


Franklin McKnight

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