ECJ To Carry Out Elector Verification Exercise

The Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) is about to commence a special Elector Verification Exercise to update the voters’ list. The aim of the exercise is to accelerate the identification and removal of electors on the current voters’ list who have died since 1998.

The ECJ said it expects to remove up to 200,000 people from the list when the verification exercise is completed early next year.

In a release Tuesday, the ECJ said a major component of the initiative is an island-wide house-to-house verification of electors, which is slated to get underway in November.

The project entails verifiers visiting the homes of 1.1 million electors 40 years and older to collect the necessary information, over a four-month period. After the exercise, electors who are identified and confirmed as dead will be removed from the voters’ list.

Glasspole Brown, Director of Elections, explains that the removal of deceased electors has statistical and financial benefits for taxpayers and will eventually lead to reduced spending on election preparation and more accurate statistics on voter turnout.

A recruitment drive for temporary verifiers and data entry clerks will take place over the next three weeks.

The ECJ carried out a similar exercise in 2012 for electors 70 years and older and was able to remove 54,000 persons using this method. The ECJ expects to remove more than 200,000 names from the voters’ list with this exercise.

There are 1,917,945 electors on the voters’ list. The ECJ publishes a voters’ list twice each year (May 31 and November 30).

Franklin McKnight

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