Education Ministry Continues To Provide Snacks To Schools, Says Manna Pack Not Intended As Substitute For Bullas And Juices


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information says it is providing snacks through Nutrition Products Limited (NPL) for students on PATH in all 14 parishes and not only schools in the urban areas.


The Ministry was responding to reports suggesting that its school feeding program was not rolled out to all parishes. Those reports had come out of criticism of the Manna rice package made available to schools.


In a statement Thursday, the Ministry emphasized that no directive has been sent to any school indicating that the Manna Packs should be a replacement for the nutri-bun, bullas and fruit juices.


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is aware of schools being in receipt of Manna Packs from NPL. However, these Manna Packs are not a substitute for the nutritional support that the Ministry provides to the schools through NPL.


In fact, there was a one-off donation of Manna Packs to the Ministry by a charitable organization in the latter part of the last school year. The Ministry decided to share the commodity with all of our primary schools including St. Mary’s All-Age which was the subject of recent reports.


The Principal of that school who is also a PNP Councilor in the St Catherine Municipal Corporation had argued that he was not in favor of the Manna Pack being a substitute for the NPL bulla, bun and fruit juices. He also had issues with the inscription on the packaging of the Manna Packs.


Franklin McKnight

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