Education Ministry Fine-Tunes Preps For PEP Implementation

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI) says it is continuing to work with schools administrators for the implementation of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) with the registration of students now underway.

Forms have been issued to schools for parents and students to indicate the schools of their choice for entry to the secondary level next academic year.

The Ministry is also using reports on individual student’s performance in the National Pilot Performance Task Exams administered in June to further inform its preparations for the full roll out of the PEP. Areas for additional focus and support are determined by the individual student’s reports and will be used to further enhance the preparation of students for the PEP.

The Ministry said of particular note is the fact the Performance Task exposed the students to the newest item type which will form part of their profile at Grade 6.

The report shows that the development of critical thinking skills is an area that requires focused attention and continued support.

Based on the conduct of the National Pilot Performance Task, the Ministry is confident that its preparations will culminate in a successful implementation of the PEP.


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