Education Ministry Says Recruitment Drive Notice Is False


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information says a social media notice saying the Ministry is recruiting data collection officers is false.

According to a statement, the message has been circulating on WhatsApp recruiting individuals to be employed as data collection officers at the Ministry.

The fake message has indicated that persons should bring their TRN and NIS cards, birth certificate and banking information to the Region 4 office on April 10, 2019 to be employed to conduct an audit of books and furniture.

The Ministry said “this recruitment drive is false and did not originate from any of its regional bodies or agencies.”

Should the Ministry wish to conduct any employment and or recruitment exercise, notification is usually given through noted media organizations or official channels of government communication.

The Ministry is warning persons who are creating these malicious messages to desist from doing so as it has caused confusion and challenges for those who would have responded.


Franklin McKnight

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