Education Sector Gets Tablets For Students From Digicel

The bigger better network, Digicel has done another thing seen as bigger as through their foundation, they have donated 1,000 tablets to the Government to distribute to students understanding the current health pandemic.

The breakdown for the distribution is that 600 of the devices will go to the Labour Ministry for students with disabilities and the remaining 400 will go to the Education Ministry.

Each tablet has been loaded with a one-year free data plan.

According to Education Minister – Karl Samuda, his ministry only had 7,000 tablets however, he noted that thousands more are needed as the demand for electronic devices increases for easier access to education amid the coronavirus.

The ministries of Labour and Education say they are thankful to the Digicel Foundation for such a needed donation.

The tables were handed over at Digicel’s headquarters in downtown Kingston by the Foundation’s CEO, Karlene Dawson, and received by Alando Terrelonge, State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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