Entertainers Show Support For Capleton

Tony Rebel (right) and Tony Cruz standing outside the courtyard

Several members of the entertainment fraternity including Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica and Tony Cruz, turned up at the Corporate Area criminal court on Monday in support of embattled artiste Capleton who has been charged with rape.

Tony Rebel, who promotes the annual Rebel Salute event, told Jamaica Today that he was supporting Capleton who has never had any brush with the law before or after he became a well-known Jamaican citizen.

“Mi just deh yah to give him my support. (Capleton) is one of mi colleagues and mi no really know wah gwan. Capleton is a man who, over the years, never involved in anything where the court has to be involved so it is kind of surprising. I am curious like everyone else,” said Tony Rebel.

When news broke that Parish Judge Vaughn Smith granted the veteran deejay a $250,000 bail, pockets of celebration broke out in the courtyard as loyal supporters – including Capleton’s mother and sister, expressed themselves.

“A lie dem a tell pon King Shango!” belted one of the supporters, who patrolled the courtyard carrying his boom box speaker from which Capleton’s 2000 hit Stand Tall was playing.

Reggae singer Tony Cruz also said he was there to provide moral support for the entertainer who was born Clifton Bailey.

Capleton greeted by jubilant fans outside the Half Way Tree Police Station

“Capleton always is a man weh always a burn certain things; injustice, rape and such. So for an accusation to come up like that is a big surprise,” Cruz said.

“Capleton buss from in di 80’s, and he has been around so many people. To just get up one day and do that, when you have your life, your family and people looking up to you, just don’t sound right.”

His sentiments were echoed by Queen Ifrica, who encouraged the 51-year-old star to remain strong.

“Capleton is a man of certain standards, so we are here lending our support as well. Just stay strong brethren,” she said.

Capleton is to return to court on June 14.

The police said the complainant, who is a hairdresser, reported that she was hired by Capleton and visited him at a hotel in New Kingston on April 28 to groom his hair.

According to the police, she claimed that while there he held her down and forcibly had sexual intercourse with her. She reported the matter to the Half Way Tree police on May 2.

Roxroy McLean

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