Entertainment a lucrative industry — Dr Phillips


Dr Peter Phillips addressing his Party’s 81st Annual Conference


President of the People’s National Party (PNP) Dr Peter Phillips says the Entertainment Industry is a lucrative one that requires close attention. He says it’s one of the sectors which a PNP Government would seek to expand.


Dr Phillips was speaking at his Party’s 81st annual conference at National Arena Sunday afternoon, September 22.


He said “entertainment must not be treated as a bastard child’. He insisted however that the industry must be supported and highlighted for the role it plays in the growth of the Jamaican culture worldwide.


Dr Phillips also said entertainers, sound system operators, dancers, vendors and all stakeholders earn from the industry, and as such a balanced approach should be taken when dealing with “night noise”. Dr Phillips used the opportunity to reiterate that the Entertainment industry must not be seen as a nuisance but instead as a lucrative Industry.


The atmosphere inside the National Arena was that of a celebration, as Dr Phillips made his presentation on the plans his Party had for Jamaica. His presentation was laced with popular reggae and dancehall songs from artistes including Popcann and Dre Island, Bob Marley, I- Octane, Super Cat and many others.



Juliane Robinson

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