EOJ Removing Some 260,000 Names Of Deceased Electors From The Voters List

The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) has started a process to remove the names of persons on the voters’ list who have died since 1998.

Director of Elections, Glasspole Brown, says the exercise aims to delete the names of in excess of 260,000 deceased electors. The process is called ‘Dead Elector Removal Exercise’ and EOJ is already in the first phase of the project.

Mr. Brown was speaking in an interview with JIS, on Wednesday, November 28.

He said the exercise comes against the background of concerns raised over a period of time regarding the number of deceased electors’ names, which are removed from the list each year. The EOJ says it has deleted an average of 5,000 names annually since continuous registration began.

“Hence we anticipated that the list would have accumulated a [significant] number of deceased electors over the 20-year period. [So] there is now a need to refresh the list.” the Director of Elections added.

The Exercise is twofold, with the first phase, which runs until April 30, 2019, entailing identifying the names to be removed.

The second phase involves removing those electors’ names from the list, after they have been confirmed as deceased by the EOJ.

The verification process will be undertaken four ways: verifiers visiting the homes of electors 40 years and older to confirm their status on the list; political representatives supplying the EOJ with information on persons in their constituencies who have passed away; public- and private-sector stakeholders sharing their records on persons who have died; and the general public providing information on their families, friends or acquaintances who are deceased.

The EOJ is dispatching approximately 795 verifiers to the 63 constituencies island wide to carry out the three-month exercise, now underway.

Franklin McKnight

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