First Ever Liver Transplant In Ja


Success! Jamaica’s first-ever liver transplant operations were successfully conducted on two children last week. US doctors and their Jamaican counterparts carried out the surgeries.


They may have been a few weeks late, however surgeons from the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children conducted Jamaica’s first-ever liver transplant operations at the Bustamante Children’s Hospital in St. Andrew on Wednesday, September 26.


The surgeries, initially slated for July, were led by Chief Surgeon Dr Stephen Dunn, Dr Christopher Raab, director of Nemours’ Global Health Services and was joined by a team of doctors at the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

The recipients were 13-month-old Zaiden and 16-month-old Kayon who, received livers donated by their father and uncle respectively. Little Kayon’s surgery was conducted two days later on Friday, September 28.


The children suffer from biliary atresia, a rare disease in which the bile ducts outside and inside the liver are scarred and blocked. Bile can’t flow into the intestine, so bile builds up in the liver and damages it. Symptoms of the disease appear about two to eight weeks after birth.


The ultimate goal of the two-man team from Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, according to a Facebook post, is to continue working with the Jamaican team until they can perform similar surgeries independently.

“Congratulations to both medial teams and we wish all the best to little Zaiden and Kayon and their families!” the Nemours’ Facebook post added.

Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, based in Delaware, is considered as one of the world leaders in pediatric care in the United States – ranked consistently in seven specialties for the period 2018-2019.


By Gavin Riley

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