Floyd Green Ramping Up Development In SW St Bess

A network of pipe systems being laid underground between Brownberry and Brucefield in SW St. Elizabeth.

Member of Parliament for South West St. Elizabeth Floyd Green has been bullish with the continuing infrastructural development of his constituency.

Green, in seeking a second term as MP for the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), shared updates on his Facebook profile for days at a time.

According to him, roads have been repaved and improved in sections of Brooklyn, Pedro Cross, Bluntas and Slipe in the parish – with the projects in Brooklyn and Bluntas being in the second and fourth phases respectively.

Green, in seeking to provide additional housing solutions to his constituents, shared that over 190 service lots have been completed through the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) for the second phase of the Luana 4 development in the parish.

Most recently, on Saturday, October 27, Green wrote, “We continue our pipe-laying exercise to bring water to areas that currently are without and continue to strengthen the existing network. Now installing pipes between Brownberry and Brucefield.”

The delivery of upgraded roads and critical infrastructure will be key in Green’s attempt at claiming a second consecutive term since winning in 2016.

In fact, Green’s youth and vibrancy as an MP could be deemed necessary as in the eyes of many, SW St. Bess has been a battleground seat since independence.

The JLP has won a total of six times, through Charles Wright, Derrick Sangster, and Christopher Tufton and the incumbent Green – an equal tie with the People’s National Party (PNP).

At his current pace, Green could well be on his way to becoming the second-ever candidate from his party since Wright to clinch another much-needed win for the JLP.


Gavin Riley

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