Four Charged For Gun Attack in Westmoreland


The police in Westmoreland have arrested and charged four men in relation to an attack in Little London, which left two other men injured.

The men have been charged with assault at common law, illegal possession of firearm, unlawful wounding and malicious destruction of property.

The four are:

* 22-year-old, farmer Nicholas Swaby o/c Nick

* 28-year-old, farmer, Kevon Leslie

* 27-year-old, farmer Gary Swaby, of Revival District in Westmoreland

* 30-year-old, fisherman Garrette Swaby

According to the police, at about 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 17, two men were travelling along the roadway on a motorcycle when they were ordered to stop by four men who drove up beside them in a motor vehicle heading in the same direction.

Allegedly the four pointed a gun at the men on the motorcycle before using their vehicle to hit the bike causing it to crash with the men.

The four then exited the vehicle and went towards the injured men before reportedly using the gun to further inflict wounds on the men.

One somehow managed to escape and summoned the police, who arrested and charged the four men. 

A court date is to be announced.


Shannon-Dale Reid


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