‘Free Up The Badge’ Campaign Launched


A campaign to get more transport operators to access badges has been launched by Transport Minister Robert Montague.

Under the “Free up the Badge” campaign, persons who are eligible and have applied for road licences within the last ten (10) months, from the Transport authority, will automatically qualify for badges. They will be required to pay the processing fee of $3,000 and complete the driver education training course undertaken by the Transport Authority.

The Transport Authority issues over 25,000 road licences for public passenger vehicles, island wide on an annual basis. However, a release from the Ministry of Transport says only thirty percent (30%) of operators of PPV possess the Transport Authority badge.

Where applicants have a minor criminal offence, the Transport Authority will issue a temporary badge, valid until March 31, 2019, provided that the applicant pays the minimal fee of $2,000. During this period the applicant is encouraged to apply to the Ministry of Justice to have his criminal record expunged.

The Transport Authority will also be revamping their Driver Education Programme to focus heavily on Customer Service, Safety and Defensive Driving.

It is anticipated that increased compliance in respect of badges should serve to increase the operators’ sense of responsibility on our roads and help to improve the service offered by operators to commuters across the nation.


Franklin McKnight

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