G2K Highlights The Importance of Water Management

The policy ‘Think Tank’ of the Jamaica Labour Party’s, Generation 2000, yesterday, September 12, hosted their ‘Think Tank’ forum at the Spanish Court Hotel. The forum focused on educating and mobilizing Jamaicans from all levels to deal with Climate Change and how it affects the provision of water.

The conversation included three major sectors education represented by Professor Michael Taylor, Senators Pearnel Charles Jr and Aubyn Hill representing the government, while Leanne Spence represented the private sector.

Professor Taylor who is a Climate Physicist started the conversation with a presentation filled with data. He outlined the context for the discussion which was ‘The Climate Change and the water sector’.

The Professor noted that there are four manifestations, challenges, and demands that must be understood before for us to be able to adapt.

The manifestations are; hotter days and nights with rain becoming variable, higher sea levels and the increase in natural disasters. This comes with the challenges of climate being unfamiliar, unreliable, unrelenting and unprecedented. Resulting in the demand for increased capacity for water storage, catchments, extractions and ways to reuse water. It also demands a quick response to finding solutions and being innovative.

CEO of Instant Save Conservation Solutions, Ms Spence, also stressed the importance of the small and simple things everyone can do to help with the solution of water shortages.

“We all can play a part by using conservation and water efficiency measures, such as; reducing our shower time, turning off the water when not used, using a more effective showerhead are just a few examples.”

Spence said, “Water saving is now the new normal” and if we adapt to water efficiency measures we can save 1.92 million gallons of water per day.

She was then followed by Chairman of the National Water Commission (NWC), Senator Aubyn Hill who charged Senator Pearnel Charles Jr the Minister of Water to ensure the NWC join forces with Instant Save Conservation Solutions in a bid to educate Jamaicans and put in place water-saving measures in government agencies.

Senator Hill also stressed the importance of water harvesting and that it should be a part of Jamaica’s building code, expressing the need for renewable energy and water catchments to be on every building.

According to G2K’s president Stephen Edwards, the organization will be doing more forums and will ensure that all key players will play a part.

Shannon-Dale Reid

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