GG Delivers Throne Speech As New Session Of Parliament Opens


Governor General Sir Patrick Allen delivered the throne speech in Parliament Tuesday morning, setting out government’s legislative agenda and policies for the next legislative and financial year.

The Throne Speech is a fixture of the ceremonial Opening of Parliament.

He mentioned several policy initiatives and programmes the Government considered successful.

Speaking about road safety, he said the number of fatalities is at an alarming level.

He said the Implementation of the Road Traffic Act, will help improve discipline on the roads and reduce fatalities. This, he said, will be complemented by procurement of new buses for the JUTC as well as “leveraging technology” such as the recently launched App allowing people to report violations of the Road Traffic Act.

The Governor General said collective efforts must build a stronger and greater Jamaica. He said collective sacrifice had left Jamaica “better placed than ever before” to chart a path to dignity and prosperity.

In a speech lasting just under an hour, Sir Patrick said the country must continue to build more houses and create more jobs and rebuild its security infrastructure.

He said the country must build on a decade of stability just ended to secure peace and prosperity in this decade.


Franklin McKnight

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