Gweh COVID-19 And Duh Come Back!

Over the past 8 days Jamaica has seen significant signs that COVID-19 is on its way out, and I can’t wait to say this: ‘gwey Covid and please duh come back; you’re not welcome here.’

The good news is that the number of people who have recovered from the norvel coronavirus has increased by 103% in the eight days from May 18 to May 26. In comparison, the 8.5% increase in the number of confirmed cases in the same period, pales.

With 136 new recoveries, compared to 44 new confirmed cases over the same 8-day period, is a clear indication that recovery is outpacing cases, which is an envious position for Jamaica to be in at this time.

The average daily recovery of 17 over the past 8 days, was more than three times the 5.5 daily average of new cases for the same period.

Also, and most importantly, the daily rate of recovery (recovery ÷ cases), has steadily rose during the period, coming from 25.2% on May 18, to 43.7% on May 26.

And finally, based on the government’s formula of a doubling of cases every eight days, the total number of cases on May 26 should have been 1,040; instead, it was 564, or 54%, which is far short of the anticipate 100% increase in cases over the 8-day period.

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