Half Mill Bail Set For Woman Who Hot Oiled Lover To Death


It has been reported that the woman who allegedly took the life of her common-law husband with whom she has two children, was offered bail.

The woman is 32-year-old Melissa Sinclair, and she has been in custody since May 14, when she allegedly used a heavy dose of hot oil to kill her lover Orville Pitter, inside their home in St Andrew.

The Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court granted her $500,000 bail, ordered to surrender all her travel documents and placed a stop order on her.

Allegedly, her lover, Pitter, was dosed with hot oil after he and Sinclair got into a dispute while she was preparing a meal.

Reportedly, her attorney told the court that for years his client has been physically abused by Pitter and so, on the day of the incident Sinclair threw the oil in self-defense.

All this her attorney Kemar Robinson said, when he made his application for bail to the court.



Shannon Dale Reid

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