Harry and Meghan Now Welcome In Canada

If what an op-ed in one of Canada’s leading newspapers said is true, then it appears that the couple couldn’t live in Canada because they are royals and carry the title HRH, and therefore, must rule Canada from outside and not within. So, even if briefly, Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel, who had planned to make both Canada and England their home, really didn’t have somewhere to call home after all, including their babyboy Archie – England didn’t want them, Canada didn’t want them. Well now, that England has sort of told Canada ‘you can have them now, I am stripping them of their title so they can live as a commoner, which is what the couple said they wanted but could not get the courage to go the full way, not halfway like stepping back but full way like stepping away from. While The Queen gave them her blessings for their new life, they were not to get any more of the taxpayers money, which suites them fine. They even undertook to repay the over-£2m renovation on their private home. In essence, Harry does not want his wife to suffer the same fate as his mother and will go to any length to protect his family from the paparazzi, whom he blamed for Princess Diana’s death.


George Jude

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