Hart Street Killing Leaves Clarendon Community In Fear

Police are trying to piece together an investigation into this morning’s attack by gunmen on Hart Street in Clarendon that has left a man dead and a community in fear.

Reports from the community said that about 7:30 am residents heard several loud explosions and called the police.

Later on police found the bullet-riddled body of the man. The identity of the victim has not yet been released by authorities.

The deadly attack is the latest in a string of murders committed by criminals, who residents claim are determined to wreak havoc in the parish. In the latest attacks criminals last week dumped the bodies of four people in a shallow grave in the community of Pennants in north Clarendon.

Police do not believe the Hart Street killing is linked to the Pennants incident.

Meantime, such is the situation that residents there said they would welcome a state of emergency to be imposed on the parish. “Based on all of these killings we need some special attention in Clarendon and we believe the state of emergency can make a difference,” said Sandra Willis, a resident.


Kimoya Moss


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