Hayles Under Threat As ‘Associate’ Is Brutally Murdered



West Hanover Member of Parliament Ian Hayles is this evening under police watch as it is believed his life could be in jeopardy, following the gun murder of one of his associates, 53-year-old Delroy Clarke, also known as “Jubbie”.

Fifty-three-year-old Clarke had reportedly intervened in a dispute at a PNP meeting on the weekend after some comrades accosted Hayles. Clarke’s bullet-riddled body was found in a gully in an area known as Malcolm Heights on Tuesday morning.

Two suspects have been jailed in connection with the killing and are to be questioned by the police later this week. Another man who is believed to have been involved in the killing remains at large.

The disturbing development comes just over a week before PNP President Dr Peter Phillips is due to square off against Peter Bunting in the fierce leadership challenge that has engulfed the party.

Ian Hayles has declared his support for Dr Peter Phillips and it is reported that it was his preference that led to initial altercation.

The police have said that the investigation into Clarke’s death is going well as they are pursuing several leads.

They have asked Mr. Hayles to report for questioning in the matter.


Andrew Clunis


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