Health Ministry To Deploy More Workers


The Ministry of Health and Wellness says it will be increasing the deployment of health personnel across the island in preparation for the reopening of the country’s borders to international travelers on June 15 for business and or pleasure.


Dr Christopher Tufton according to JIS says the ministry is “now employing another 1,000 community health aides across the country and that will bolster the number of persons we have.”


While at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston on Tuesday, where he observed the processing of 96 repatriated Jamaicans who had arrived on a flight from Fort Lauderdale in the United States under the protocol for controlled re-entry.


The Ministry has redeployed numerous healthcare professionals to engage in screening at the ports of entry as more Jamaicans arrive on the island under the controlled re-entry protocol which began on May 6.


Dr Tufton says they “have had to redeploy significant resources in terms of people to conduct this exercise.” and that “these are persons who would otherwise be doing other things in the public health system, community health aides, primary healthcare nurses, public health inspectors, and doctors.”


This is needed as Tufton admits the Government will have to expand its capacity to deal with the virus and the pressure it will place on other areas of the public health system when the tourism begins again.


Shannon-Dale Reid


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