Holness Keeps It Short At Conference – Sets Out Achievements, Plans In Economy And Infrastructure

Andrew Holness surprised many today with a speech that lasted just over 40 minutes. His speech to close the Jamaica Labour Party’s 75th annual conference that started after 2:30 concluded just after 3:16

Political party leaders have often spoken for more than an hour at these party conferences.

Mr. Holness spoke mainly about plans for housing and infrastructure development as well as achievements in the economy and on road projects but said there was much more to be done.

He also made an announcement that the Government is “designing a programme” by which it is intended to spend half a billion dollars (J$500 Million) on housing for the poor, aged and indigent across Jamaica. He said the young people involved in the HOPE programme will be part of that project, learning skills at the same time.

He also said efforts will be made to train many more young people for the jobs being created in the economy. “we are creating jobs faster than we have trained people in the labour pool to fill,” the JLP leader and Prime Minister said.

He also called on Jamaicans in general to be more protective of the environment and to better dispose of their garbage. He called on his supporters who were decked out in green, the colour of the JLP, to be a green party indeed, protecting the environment.

He said prosperity must be considered on a broader scale to include dealing with the environment.

Mr. Holness also mentioned several of the road, port and water projects now taking place and announced several others.


Franklin McKnight

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