Holness Outshines Phillips Among Voters In E. Portland — Polls


There was more positive news for the ruling Jamaica Labour Party in Jamaica Observer Polls published Monday, March 11. Among voters in a sample from Portland Eastern, JLP Leader Andrew Holness was viewed more positively and also seen as the person better able to run the country, when compared to People’s National Party President Dr. Peter Phillips.


The poll result compared the way people in the Portland Eastern Constituency view the leaders of the two major political parties, JLP’s Andrew Holness and PNP’s Dr. Peter Phillips.


Pollster Bill Johnson did the polls for the Observer March 1 and 2, in the Constituency which is the focus of the political parties ahead of by-elections set for April 4.


One question: Generally Speaking, do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion about Andrew Holness. Fifty-one percent said they had a favorable view and 25% said they had an unfavorable view.


When the same question was put to people, about Dr. Phillips, 23% said they had a favorable view of Dr. Phillips and 42% said they had an unfavorable view of Dr. Phillips.

Mr. Holness also emerged in a better position when people were asked who would do the best job as Prime Minister. Holness got a 47% vote, compared to Dr. Phillips 20%. Those who were undecided numbered 27%.

The sample size was 480.


Franklin McKnight

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