Honest Boy’s Action Draws Praise




Principal of the Belmont Academy in Westmoreland Rayon Simpson is celebrating the selfless integrity of a second-form student at his school for returning money he found on the floor of his classroom yesterday.

Instead of pocketing the $2,000 he found at his feet, young Aldaine Barnes took the money to the principal’s office and returned it. Principal Simpson asked him why he did so, and the student replied confidently, “Sir, it’s not mine.”




The humble gesture was especially touching for Simpson as the money was returned long before Barnes’ classmate and rightful owner of the money, Gabrina James, even noticed her money was missing.

In a beaming Facebook post on Thursday, January 10, Simpson wrote, “My day is off to an EXCELLENT start thanks to this second form student – Aldaine Barnes of 2M. He found $2,000 on the ground leading to his classroom and has the integrity, honesty and decency to find the principal’s office to hand it over, long before his classmate, Gabrina James discovered her money missing. I asked Aldaine why he turned in the money and his response was simple ‘Sir, it’s not mine’.”



“He saved his classmate from hunger and the indignity of having to beg bus fare to go home. Please help me to encourage this young Belmont Academy ambassador/hero for doing the right thing when it mattered and YES this is a BIG thing!” Simpson added.

Simpson’s heartwarming post has become a viral hit on Facebook, gathering over 4,000 likes, 1,900 comments and 700 shares as Jamaicans joined in to celebrate Barnes’ wonderful deed.



By: Gavin Riley

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