‘I Am Alive And Well’ Elaine Thompson • Sprint Star Rubbishes Fake News Item




Double Olympic gold medalist Elaine Thompson found herself put in an awkward position after being forced to rubbish a fake news item, reporting she had drowned in Canada on Sunday, May 5.

The fake news item quickly went viral Sunday afternoon, and sent Jamaicans in a panic, looking to anyone close to Thompson who could confirm whether the sprint star had passed as the story claimed.

Thompson, who immediately took to social media to quell growing concerns by Jamaicans and track fans alike, stated that she is indeed alive and had never been to Canada.


“Dear all: The ‘Breaking News’ report is fake news. Please do not share, retweet or pass along that story. I am alive and well and have never even been to Canada. Have a wonderful Sunday,” she commented on Twitter and Facebook.

Thompson’s disclaimer was a collective sigh of relief for the athletic fraternity and the wider Jamaican circles, as the fake story claimed the speedster drowned in a “case of misadventure”.

The fake news item, supposedly published by a Canadian website, fabricated further that Thompson was on a ‘secret vacation’ and had died after falling into the freezing waters of Lake Ontario while fishing.



Gavin Riley 

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