Illegal Lights Crack-Down Results In 1000 Tickets, 500 Plates Removed


Police island wide have launched a special initiative to remove illegal motor vehicle lights (lights that are not the specified colour under the Road Traffic Act (RTA), flashing lights and lights that are too bright and may affect or impede other motorists). They have also been removing banks of LED lights fitted on vehicles. Those when turned on have proved blinding to oncoming motorists.

During the nightly operations, which began on Monday, November 25, over 1000 tickets were issued and more than 500 motor vehicle plates were removed. In addition, several persons were arrested and vehicles seized, police said.

Last week Thursday night one of the operations was staged on Barnett Street near the Transport Centre in Montego Bay. The operation including removal of plates on the spot led to a massive traffic snarl in the western city.

A detailed police report shows that operations have been carried out in nearly all parishes in the five operating Areas of the JCF.

They said in St James they issued nearly 200 tickets more than 160 being for lights.

Last week Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake warned motorists that the police would be acting against the coloured lights, flashing lights and LED lights and other illegal lights affixed to vehicles.


Franklin McKnight

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