Inmates, Wards Praised For Success In CSEC Exams

State Minister Rudyard Spencer addressing inmates from Fort Agusta

Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security (MNS), Rudyard Spencer presented awards to inmates and wards of the state, who were successful in the 2018 sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.

Speaking at the appreciation ceremony held Tuesday, September 18 at Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre (FAAC) on South Camp Road, Minister Spencer said the performance of the inmates/wards exemplifies the vision of the Ministry to rehabilitate and redeem offenders.

91 inmates and wards from Correctional Facilities sat the examinations,

“Your passes in the CSEC examinations represent the fulfillment of the MNS’s mandate to reintegrate reformed individuals into our society. We want to ensure that you leave these correctional facilities better than you came,” Mr Spencer said.

He highlighted that the correctional institutions boasted a 100 percent pass rate in Food and Nutrition; 77 percent in Office Administration, 66 percent in Human and Social Biology and 60 percent in Electronic Document Preparation and Management. Other pass rates for subjects included: Mathematics, 16% English A 38% POB 81%; Human and Social Biology 82% and History 20%.

The Minister said, “These results are dispelling the rumours that nothing good can come from behind the prison walls. They are proof that the hard work being done by the staff, correctional officers and stakeholders is not fruitless.”

He also extended special commendations to the top female inmate from FAAC who was successful in six CSEC subjects, the top male inmate from the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Centre who received six subjects (with passes at grades one and two) and the top ward from the Rio Cobre Juvenile Correctional Centre who passed four subjects.

Commissioner of Corrections at the DCS, Ina Hunter in her remarks, expressed her appreciation to the correctional officers and teachers for their commitment to the rehabilitation of the offenders through education.

“Your input in rehabilitation is a strong indication of our shared belief that we must ensure that the persons in our care and custody return to society and contribute to its development,” she noted.

She said the passes are an encouragement to those who will sit the examinations and further expressed that the inmates/wards who have done well, provide hope in a context of despair.

By Franklin McKnight

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