Issuing Credit Cards To Ministers Is Not New – Finance Minister


As questions continue to be asked about a credit card issued to former Minister of Education, Ruel Reid, Minister of Finance Dr Nigel Clarke says the practice is not new. He has also revealed that there are two other Cabinet members in the present administration who have been issued with credit cards.

They are Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett.

Dr Clarke says the cards are not a secret and are considered a convenient way of making payments in some instances.

He says the practice of issuing credit cards to some Cabinet ministers goes back at least ten years. Speaking on a local radio talk show, Thursday afternoon, Dr Clarke said the following Cabinet Ministers in the PNP administration had been issued with Government Credit cards: Dr Morais Guy, Richard Azan, Dr Wykeham McNeill, Luther Buchanan and Derrick Kellier. He also said previous Prime Ministers from the PNP had been issued with cards but he did not name them.

When the matter of the card issued to now dismissed minister Reid was discussed in the House, some members of both sides made comments as if they had never heard of the practice.


Franklin McKnight

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