J Wray & Nephew Responds To Video Over Magnum




J Wray & Nephew Limited says the quality, integrity and safety of Magnum Tonic Wines which it produces remain uncompromised.

The company’s statement comes against the background of a viral social media video about its product. In the video, persons were seen comparing two Magnum bottles and stating that one of them was a counterfeit because it did not have numbers stamped on the bottom.

In a release issued Monday, August 19, J.Wray & Nephew said the company utilizes two bottles in the packaging of the beverage and that both bottles are identical except for the embossing on the bottle which includes the numbers at the bottom. One bottle has no numbers at the bottom and the other has visible numbers that can be felt by touch. The formulation or liquid contained in both bottles are absolutely the same.
It also urged Magnum drinkers to look for a tamper proof cap which gives an audible “crick” sound when opened, and J Wray & Nephew’s alphanumeric code which identifies the manufacturing date and batch number. 
Marketing Director of J. Wray & Nephew Marsha Lumley encouraged consumers to use its social media accounts.



Vaughn Thorpe

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