Jamaica Just Might Get A Forth Political Party


The Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) has begun reviewing an application of a group of individuals who are seeking to register a political party.

The name stated for the party is the Jamaica Progressive Party (JPP), and if approved will become the nation’s fourth political party.

The application was made last week and once approved, JPP will be eligible to put forward candidates for the next general election constitutionally due February 2021.

According to Director of Elections Glasspole Brown, the registrar of political party is going through the process to see whether the political organisation has satisfied all the registration requirements needed to be a political party.

He also noted that “in the interim, a notification will be put in the press for the public and the public will have 30 days to indicate any objection to the registration of the political party, ” which will be sent out come Thursday, June 4.

JPP’s slogan is ‘A prosperous Jamaica for all’ and it’s identifying colours are grey, purple, and lavender.

We have also been informed that minister of religion pastor Robert Rainford is the authorised representative and corporate member Gilbert Edwards will be the president of the party pending approval.


Shannon-Dale Reid 


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