Jamaica Ranks Top 50 in Social Progress Index, But Falls Short in Major Areas


Even though Jamaica has seen significant improvement on the Social Progress Index, based on the country’s provision of social and environmental needs for its people, however, it has fallen short in some areas.


Jamaica has fallen short in the areas of basic human needs with a ranking of 82. This area includes water sanitation, health care, and shelter.  

The country’s placement in the category of Personal Safety highlights the concern of most citizens; Jamaica is ranked at number 111 with a score of 56.50. Another weak area for Jamaica is that of the Homicide rate where the country is ranked number 144, with a score of 47.01.


Jamaica Today was unable to reach the Commissioner of Police to get his reaction on the latest ranking.


Though the above areas showed that much work is needed to improve the country’s standing globally, the breakdown in the 2019 Social Progress Index, in the category of ‘Opportunities’ which includes freedom, inclusions, and access to advanced education, sees Jamaica shining with a ranking of 35 out of 149 countries.



Shannon-Dale Reid

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