Jamaica To Reopen Risilient Corridors For Tourists



Consistent with the expectations of the world travel markets, that Jamaica, as the home of the Global Resilience and Crisis Manage Centre, and with one of the most respected tourism ministers in the world, is leading the way with a reopening strategy for other destinations to follow.


Edmund Bartlett’s strategy is to segment the island into what he calls tourism resilient corridors where tourists will first arrive.


The zone that will reopen the first phase is the corridor along the north coast from Port Antonio to Negril.


The choice of the north coast to reopen tourism in Jamaica, is that the corridor is easily accessible, and all the hotels are all inclusive resorts which allows guests to remain there without ever having the need to leave the property. In addition, the zone is easy to man and restrict tourist movement, as well as tracing their contacts.


This zoning strategy along with the observance of all protocols, came as many have expressed fears that reopening the island to tourists could exacerbate the island’s case count.


The tourism minister said a date for the reopening of the southern resilient corridor will be announced later.

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