Jamaicans Charged For Scamming Thousands Dollars In The United States


Two Jamaican males who were employed at a country club in Florida have been arrested and charged for swindling elderly people in what is described as a lottery scam.

The men are 24-year-old Dillion Johnson and 26-year-old Neville Taylor. They have been jointly charged with three counts of depositing cheques with intent to defraud, according to a news release from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

On May 5, questions surrounding the financial activities of both Johnson and Taylor were raised by the First Florida Integrity Bank (FFIB), where they had savings accounts.

NBC notes that FFIB “informed the Financial Crimes Bureau detectives about suspicious deposits being made into accounts held by Johnson and Taylor. The funds were also being moved to different bank accounts in their names at other institutions.”

A probe was then launch and detectives determined that the cheques came from senior citizens, some of whom suffered from memory loss.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said the elderly and vulnerable victims were informed that they had won “a large cash prize”, and they would need to send funds in the form of cheques to an individual to verify their banking information in order to deposit the money they reportedly won.

The police also noted that it was revealed that a 72-year-old San Francisco-based woman with a long-term traumatic brain injury sent Johnson two cheques valued at a total of US$5,500. He also allegedly received a cashier’s cheque of US$5,000 from an 85-year-old woman in West Virginia on May 4.

Taylor reportedly received three cheques from a 95-year-old woman in North Carolina, who had no recollection of sending any cash to him. He was said to have received a cheque of US$1,700 on March 23, a US$1,500 cheque on March 30, and a US$1,000 cheque on April 21 from the elderly woman.

Taylor also benefitted from a US$1,200 cheque he received from an 84-year-old Illinois woman in January of this year.

He allegedly got an elderly Texas woman aged 84, to send him two cheques which amounted to US$4,500.

Reportedly, their employment was terminated on April 1, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the men were reportedly unable to return to their homeland due to Jamaica’s ports being closed.

They are to appear in a Florida court soon.


Shannon Dale Reid

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