Jamaicans Charged In At Sea Drug Bust Offered Bail

The two Jamaican men, who were charged along with a Haitian national, with drug trafficking after over 700 pounds of ganja were found on a vessel they were travelling in, were granted bail on Tuesday, May 15.

Thirty-nine-year-old Orlando Sangster, a fisherman of Barbary Hall, St Elizabeth and 21-year-old labourer, Renaldo Seaton of Middle Quarters, St Elizabeth, were both offered bail in the sum of $500,000 when they appeared before the Westmoreland Parish Court.

However, the third accused man, 39-year-old Guy Robert Joseph a farmer from Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Montpelier, Westmoreland, was denied bail as investigators revealed that he arrived illegally in the island 10 years ago by boat. As a result, he was booked for the offence of illegal entry.

The Haitian, along with Sangster and Seaton are each charged with possession of ganja, dealing in ganja, taking steps preparatory to export ganja and use of conveyance and conspiracy.

The men were taken into custody after their vessel was intercepted by the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Coast Guard off the coast of White House, Westmoreland on Thursday, May 3.

At that time, the JDF had reported that approximately 765 pounds of compressed marijuana were found in five packages that were thrown overboard the vessel and another 11 that were still on board.

The JDF had also declared that “the seizure and arrest was strongly suspected to be connected to the ongoing guns-for-drugs trade between Jamaican and Haitian criminals.”

The lawmen said the illicit drug had an estimated street value of $3,048,000.


Ansray Thomas

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