Jayhawks Win WBA D1

The University of the West Indies, Western Jamaica Campus (UWI- WJC) Jayhawks have earned a place in the Elite League of the Western Basketball Association, having won the Division One Championship on Thursday, August 8 at the Montego Bay Boys Club.

The Jayhawks beat the Gladiators 77-73 in the deciding game for a 2-1 series victory.

UWI- Jayhawks lost game one in a clincher, 85-86, then went on to win games two and three 82-73, 77-73

The university team lost in the finals last season, going down 1-2 in that series.

Both teams ended the regular season on a similar number of points, having the same number of wins and losses, Gladiators however finished as number one team due to the fact they won the only head to head match between them both

JAYHAWKS led in all 3 games by double digits only giving up a lead in the first game where they had led by 15 points after 3 quarters

The boys representing UWI now join seven other teams in the elite league that will play for the 2019/20 championship.

Franklin McKnight

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