Committed Fathers: Jonathan Fullerton Loves Being The Hero For His Son


Life has always been a constant struggle for Jonathan Fullerton and, after the birth of his son Khajay, two years ago, things got even more difficult.

Being unemployed, the pressure associated with being a parent, providing, shelter and clothing, has been Fullerton’s greatest burden. And, with little or no family support, there are times when the situation becomes overwhelming.

However, instead of running from his responsibilities, the former Norman Manley High School student has stood firm in the face of adversity ensuring that his son gets the right paternal support.


“I know what it feels like to not have a father so I cannot consciously allow my son to experience that,” said Fullerton, who was applying lotion to his son’s skin.

When Jamaica Today visited his home on Penwood Road in Waterhouse, St Andrew, Fullerton was already getting ready for church. “You have to give the Most High thanks for life,” he said.

But life has not been ideal for Fullerton. Providing for his son has been difficult.

His own father was murdered by gunmen several years ago by gunmen and it has hardened him. Khajay though allows him to tap into his emotions.

“I don’t feel that numbness when my son is around. I always try to support him emotionally by showing him love, playing with him and take him places whether or not it’s a special day or a holiday,” he said.

He manages to find between $2500 and $3000 each week to provide for him son but Khajay’s mother, Kerecia Keith, also contributes to her son’s well-being.

“The relationship with me and Khajay’s mother is up and down but we do our best in supporting him. I have to give her ratings because she is the true definition of a mother,” Fullerton said.

He believes that strained relationships should not affect how parents raise their children.

“Parenthood comes with specific mindset,” he said, “You cannot allow personal feelings to disrupt your role as a father or mother. It is a lot of dedication and team work.”

By Roxroy McLean

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