JPS To Get New Boss

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) will on May 30, 2020 see the end of Emanuel DaRosa’s tenure as it’s president and chief executive officer (CEO).

In a release to the Jamaica Stock Exchange, JPS says that on May 31, investment banker turned energy tycoon, Michel Gantois, will take up running its operations as President and CEO.

Gantois is said to have led energy entities of a similar size, in terms of revenue, in Peru and Australia. He was the CEO for ENGIE Australia, a company that earns US$650 million ($2 billion Australian dollars) a year, and lead 1,800 employees in the development and management of power plants and sale of energy and efficiency services to 700,000 customers.

Reportedly, he has described JPS as “a company with strong roots in the community and proud history in supplying essential services to the people and the industry of Jamaica”.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and speaks four languages; English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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