JPS Workers’ Sick-Out Ends

Jamaica Public Service (JPS) workers who started a sick out Sunday are to begin resuming normal duties as of the 8 o’clock shift this evening, Tuesday, October 9.

The agreement to end the industrial action was reached at a meeting this afternoon called by the Ministry of Labour with the management of the JPS and the Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE), representing over 200 JPS workers.

The workers in the bargaining unit represented by UCASE started calling in sick on Sunday, October 7 as a form of protest against the company’s actions. They said JPS was not honouring an agreement to pay under a performance based incentive programme, and also that it had discontinued discounts for pensioners.

The sick out had imperilled JPS’ delivery of services.

Negotiations over those and other matters are to continue at a meeting on Thursday.

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