JUST IN: High-Schoolers Murdered In Their Sleep


The Donald Quarrie High School and the community of Westchester in Portmore, awoke to the disturbing news that two students were shot dead as they slept on Thursday night, March 7.

The students have been identified as 14-year-old Brittany Allen and 15-year-old David Cameron, who both attended Donald Quarrie High School in St. Andrew.

According to reports Jamaica Today has received, armed men gained entry to a residence along Mandela Close. Upon entering the room, where Allen and Cameron were still sleeping, the gunmen opened fire, killing the students.

Residents alerted the police and, on a team’s arrival, the lifeless body of Allen was found lying face down – while Cameron was found dead, lying on his back.

Both students had wounds to the head consistent with an execution killing, Jamaica Today understands.

A spokesperson at the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) confirmed the double-murder, but however told Jamaica Today that more information would be provided after the crime scene was fully processed.


Gavin Riley

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