Kerensia Morrison To Rep The JLP In North East St Catherine But Some Are Displeased


Word around is that Senator Kerensia Morrison will be the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for North East St Catherine in the next General Election, constitutionally due February 2021.

This comes as current caretaker Leslie Campbell, announced that he is not seeking re-election. However, he will give support to anyone selected to replace him.

It is our understanding that a few JLP supporters within the constituency are not pleased with the selection, especially as Morrison is new to the constituency.

Some members are of the view that only someone from the area would be able to win the seat from the People’s National Party’s Phyllis Mitchell – a battleground constituency is how North East St. Catherine is described.

No word if the voice of the JLP supporters will be heard. However, the very vocal Government Senator and Parliamentary Secretary, Robert Nesta Morgan, took to Facebook earlier today and congratulated Morrison on her selection, typing, “Congrats to my sister Kerensia Morrison on her being chosen to represent the JLP in North East St Catherine.”

Jamaica today continues to watch this story.


Shannon Dale Reid

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