Key Road Openings Ease Traffic Flow In The Corporate Area



Some motorists have been pleasantly surprised by the improved traffic flow along major thoroughfares in the Corporate Area in the morning when most schools have started the new Academic Year.

Improvements and repaved lanes opened for Monday, September 2 in Manor Park and Three Miles two of the major hubs in the capital city have assisted the flows. A very visible police presence at intersections all over Kingston and St Andrew also appears to be helping in the morning peak.

The National Works Agency, working with contractors, pushed major projects near to completion and put the roads with extra lanes into use. Over the weekend the Manor Park Area, receiving traffic out of Stony Hill, Long Lane, Norbrook and Shortwood were paved, completing the widening works of the last few months. The four lanes along Constant Spring Road between Manor Park and Dunrobin Avenue (another major hub) have also been opened this morning. However, Half Way Tree continued to be a bottleneck.

And traffic was much eased going to and out of the Portia Simpson Miller (PSM) Square, also known as Three Miles, where two bridges have been opened. Improved flows have been seen along Spanish Town Road and also from Portmore. Meantime, the Chesterfield Road, opened last October, to help traffic flow caused by restrictions at PSM Square, has been closed.


Franklin McKnight

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