Klansman Gang Members Freed As Prosecution’s Cases Collapses


The case against eight members of the Spanish Town based Klansman gang collapsed spectacularly today, after the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions failed in its bid to convince the court to proceed with the trial.

The case against the men who were being tried under the anti-gang legislation was dismissed by the judge after prosecutors admitted that they were having difficulty getting the two main witnesses to testify against the men.

Prosecutors had applied to the court to have the statements given by the witnesses used as the evidence against the accused men, under the Evidence Act.

The prosecutors argued that the witnesses had received death threats from men aligned to the gang and had decided not to appear, out of fear.

However, the judge rejected the application, on the basis that the prosecutors failed to meet the requirements of the Evidence Act.

The men were charged in 2017 under the anti-gang legislation following a crackdown by the authorities on members of the Klansman Gang. The prosecution alleged that the men were involved in shootings, murders and other serious crimes.

Three of the men remain in custody in relation to other serious charges.

The Office of the DPP has reserved the right to have the men brought back before the courts, should the witnesses decide to cooperate.



Andrew Clunis

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