Lash The Reckless Drivers – JTA President


The new Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) President says the country should consider bringing back the Cat o’ nine and lashing reckless drivers who kill and injure people.

In his inaugural speech at the JTA’s 55th annual general conference in St James Monday night, Owen Speid said something had to be done about the high levels of murder and also the high incidence of road deaths and the indiscipline on the roads.

He said the country was moving away from corporal punishment in the schools but he said it might be needed for those who maim and kill with their vehicles. Speid said when they were found they should be dealt with harshly. “What about the cat o’ nine. We should look at bringing back that.”

The Cat o’ nine or sometimes called Cat is a multi-pronged whip, — sometimes made of metal — used including during slavery to inflict punishment on people.


Franklin McKnight                            

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