Latest Fraud Cases Against Messado involves nearly $60-M as She is Offered Bail


Attorney Jennifer Messado is out on bail this evening with tough conditions after appearing in court today on two additional charges of fraud.


The latest two charges relate to nearly $60 million dollars allegedly defrauded in real estate transactions with well-known dancehall artiste Marvin Brooks also called Mavado and Norman Horne, businessman and his sister Charlette Horne Hayles.

It is alleged that in both cases Messado claimed to be representing clients selling land in St Andrew when in fact the lands were not up for sale and she represented no one in the matters.

Mrs Messado was taken into police custody yesterday in relation to the latest charges.

She had been on bail on several other charges after being initially taken into custody in early May.

Today in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, the prosecution objected to bail, asked for by Messado’s attorney Christopher Townsend.


However Parish Court Judge Vaughn Smith granted bail to Messado on condition she report to police at Constant Spring everyday between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Also she should remain at home between 6 in the evening and 6 in the morning and hand over all her travel documents.  These were similar conditions to those when she was granted bail in mid-May.

The 67-year-old attorney was first arrested in mid-May and slapped with charges after a weekend in jail and then was again arrested ten days later on additional charges, again to do with land deals.

She was taken to court on four counts of forgery, two counts of uttering forged documents, conspiracy to defraud, causing money to be paid out by forged document and money laundering.

Mrs Messado was granted bail in the sum of $800,000.

Then on Friday, May 25, Messado, was charged by detectives attached to the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations Branch (CTOC) for breaches of the Forgery Act.

She was charged with Forgery, Uttering Forged Documents and Attempting to Obtain Money by Means of Forged Documents. She was again offered bail.

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