Leaving The PNP Was Not Easy – Kari Douglas


Councillor Kari Douglas says leaving the People’s National Party (PNP) and joining the Jamaica labour Party (JLP) was not an easy decision.

Ms Douglas, who was seen as a rising star in the PNP, is councillor for the Trafalgar Division in the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) and on Tuesday morning, February 11, switched from the PNP to the JLP. She symbolically crossed the floor, taking her seat among the JLP majority in the KSAMC.

In a statement released after she made the public move, Councillor Douglas wrote that “making this transition across the political aisle was not an easy decision.” However, she said she was certain “and in absolutely no doubt” she had made the right decision, “given the dynamic leadership with a positive difference that Prime Minister Holness has been able to offer the country and the JLP over the last few years.”

She said for some time she had been “deeply concerned that my former party [PNP] has become a political organization which is primarily focussed on winning elections at any cost, as opposed to pursuing an unwavering commitment to national development…”

Mr Douglas is the daughter of a former PNP Minister of Government and MP, the late Easton Douglas.


Franklin McKnight

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